Lassin 2011

A calling to serve the Lord by helping a village to rebuild their church building and minister to the children.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Road" to Lassin

3/31: 6 PM Local Time

It took us about 7 uncomfortable hours to travel 70 miles from Bamenda to Lassin.  To call it a road would be generous.  For the most part, it's unpaved and cratered with holes.  Though wide enough to accommodate two cars, the craters forced the drivers to weave left-and-right to avoid getting stuck or damage to their cars.  Some stretched involved steep grades which can be tricky when you have a fully-loaded 15 passenger van  and no asphalt.  We had to climb out of the van twice and meet the driver at the top of the hill.  To challenge the driver further, we often had to share the road with various animals.

Seats with little padding, covered in red dust, bumping along left-right/up-down/front-back, and with no air conditioning, the ride was say the least.  Just as I was about to voice my complaints, I saw, on the road in front of a us, a boy pushing a 'truck' filled with about 500 lbs of concrete blocks.  Up and down that truck went through the holes in the road.  I was humbled into silence.

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