Lassin 2011

A calling to serve the Lord by helping a village to rebuild their church building and minister to the children.

Monday, June 6, 2011

"Won't you be My Love"

For most of my childhood, I lacked a father figure.  For one brief period, my aunt and uncle visited.  Together, our families drove across the country.  I remember wanting to please my uncle.  He was a smoker (back when it was normal to smoke in the car).  I chose to sit in front so I could pull out the ashtray as soon as he started searching for his pack.  At that young age, it felt terribly important to do something that would please him.

Perhaps that desire to please is ingrained in us...or at least in me.  Our Lassin adventure was all about pleasing our heavenly Father.  I can't think of any greater satisfaction than knowing that God is pleased with my actions.  I take that back.

Each night, as the kids head to bed, we share a song.  Tonight's song was from MercyMe.  Imagine the Creator of the universe who is all powerful allowing us to participate in bringing grace to His creation...asking us:
Won't you be My voice calling
Won't you be My hands healing
Won't you be My feet walking into a broken world
Won't you be My chain-breaker
Won't you be My peacemaker
Won't you be My hope and joy
Won't you be My Love

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