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A calling to serve the Lord by helping a village to rebuild their church building and minister to the children.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Food in Cameroon

I don't like rodents.  One of the questions I've saved for our maker is, "Surely, rodents became corrupted after You made them, right?"  Thinking about those bitty red eyes, fangs and claws gives me the willies.  So, I'm reading up on Cameroon and guess what I find about the cuisine, "bush meat (e.g. ...various rodents) is widely consumed."  And, of course, a common missionary's prayer goes, "Where you lead me, I will follow; what you feed me, I will swallow!"  Gary's advice for us is we're served soup/stew, which is likely, don't dip the ladle to the bottom.  Sounds like good advice to me.

Part of this experience is learning to appreciate God's work by seeing the world through His eyes and the eyes of His creation.  In the U.S., people have sued for "emotional damage" when inadvertently served with rodents.  But in Cameroon (and I'm sure elsewhere), 'bush meat' is a necessary part of the diet.  Not only must I accept the food, but I must do so joyfully and thankfully (1 Thess 5:16-18)

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